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Gather different people to think!

Juha Lipponen 08.06.2011 | Näytä kommentit 21

Gather different people to think!Recently I facilited two innovation sessions with a customer, held consecutive days. The customer had specified a business and product development task for the innovation. The task was exactly the same for both groups. The participants were selected very differently in those groups: 1st group consisted of top of the line experts of the customer. The very best expertise and insi (...)

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Let’s scrap the word innovation

Juhana Lampinen 18.08.2011 | Näytä kommentit 2

Let’s scrap the word innovationWhat is innovation? Innovation is a buzz word that had been around for quite some time. Obviously everyone needs innovation and is pretty clear why. But what is innovation? (...)

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Innovation Fitness -seminars in Vienna and Köln

Hanna Viljavuori 22.03.2012 | Näytä kommentit 0

Innovation Fitness -seminars in Vienna and Köln Innotiimi and ICG Integrated Consulting Group (Austria) arrange a seminar "Innovation Fitness" in Vienna (April 18th) and in Köln (April 19th). In the seminar, you can learn how to develop innovation capability in your organization, hear international best-practice cases and share experiences of innovation culture development programs. (...)

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Efficient creativity tools and innovation methods seminar 31st of May - 1st of June

Hanna Viljavuori 02.05.2012 | Näytä kommentit 0

Efficient creativity tools and innovation methods seminar 31st of May - 1st of JuneThe purpose of the workshop is to train participants to use concrete tools that help to create novel development ideas and to develop solid development concepts as well as to solve technical problems in innovative way. Participants learn creativity tools, idea generation methods and concept development skills that develop organization's innovation capability in the long run. (...)

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Be aware of innovation traps (Part I)

Jarno Poskela 01.02.2013 | Näytä kommentit 0

Be aware of innovation traps (Part I) Have you ever thought about innovation traps? This blog is a starting point for a series of blogs that discusses innovation traps i.e. typical obstacles and challenges that make it difficult to develop new radical innovations and hinder business renewal. Innovation traps are discussed briefly which is followed by some ideas that organization can do to overcome these traps. This (...)

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