Anssi Juutilainen

Anssi Juutilainen

Finland, Finnish


Change, Leadership, Sport Management

+358 40 048 9596
anssi.juutilainen (at)

I\'ve been almost 15 years in Innotiimi. These years have given me an excellent opportunity to continuous learning and development. This is an important personal value for me. Collegues and clients have inspired me and offered challenges to win.

My interest areas are innovation and leadership. In these areas, I seriously believe, we in Innotiimi have effected to Finnish and in recent years also in European work life to develop it to more human and dialogic direction.

I grew up in country-side in a big family with 10 children. The life on a farm with all the work on fields and forest built a strong belief that concentrating on essential and trying hard finally gives also the prize.

After graduating in Physical Education and Coaching I acted as a national coach of Spanish Ski Team until Sarajevo Olympics 1984. After that I also made real one of my dreams and won 5 World Champions in Ski-Orienteering during years 1984-1992. Nowadays orienteering is still an important hobby for me and it gives excellent opportunities to apply the competences learnt in Innotiimi work to leisure time activities.

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