Veikko Mantere

Veikko Mantere

Finland, Finnish



+358 40 041 8697
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I have been a consultant since 1986, but still believe myself to be young: it is all about mindset and enthusiastically refreshing my working ideas. I started my consulting career with training in creative problem solving skills. The same principles were then used as a basis for change management processes. Another important topic for me has been participative leadership – how to make things happen with people. During the years, I have been involved in many processes concerning organizational changes, values, leadership culture, and strategy development.

Based on our rotating leadership model, I acted as the CEO of Innotiimi during 2000-2001. After that, I have mainly concentrated on the challenge of how to develop creativity and innovations in organizations. This gives me a lot of inspiration and it is also the topic of my PhD study. Other things I have published are the OPERA and GroupExpo books, which can be used as practical tools for group work facilitators.

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