Teijo Räsänen

Teijo Räsänen

Finland, Finnish


Leadership, Change

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I think that hope gives us empowerment and heart advises the way. If that’s not enough, you may ask the experienced, but do not give up your own target. The people themselves must be brought along in planning necessary changes. As a consultant, I want to lend a hand with efficient methods, the latest research and the principle of synergy between parts of an organization.

Fifteen years in charge of personnel development programmes of a big insurance company and the City of Kuopio have taught me the meaning of organizational culture and skill preparation in a change process. Since the early 1990s, my activity in the network of researchers, Finnish Quality of Work Life, and strategic human resource management (SHRM) has constantly informed my work. It gives insight into where we are now, and what should be changed.
Educational scholarship in the context of business demands may sound strange, but it helps to combine the soft and the hard types of thinking for organizational wholeness. My experience flowers when steering change processes in which an organisation’s existing competence is utilized and essential skills and co-operation are built. Managing processes, practical leadership skills, participative methods and learning organizations are my key interests. Following-up on and measuring the results of change is emphasized in my projects. My consulting and coaching is benefits from an understanding of diversity and dialogical methods.

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