Katri Auvinen

Katri Auvinen

Belgium, Finnish


Virtual collaboration

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Virtual Involvement - Global Commitment

Although I very much enjoy training and facilitating face-to-face, the favorite part of my work is to find flexible solutions for the contradiction in terms that is part of everyday life in many client organisations: the need for knowledge transfer and networking grows constantly - but while distances grow, time and money available for travel become scarcer...

More efficient collaboration is needed both in virtual teams and in ad-hoc or established networks. Many technical tools exist that aim to facilitate that collaboration, but most organisations lack the people processes to use those tools to their full potential.

Interactive virtual workshops - including either pair work or group work - can be used for many purposes either as such or in mixed models, combined with other virtual or face-to-face elements. The most important thing is to always choose the method that best suits the purpose!

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