Markku Räisänen

Markku Räisänen

Finland, Finnish

Senior Consultant and Partner

Leadership, Change

+358 44 503 6974
markku.raisanen (at)

I have worked for the forest industry in Finland and abroad for 20 years. I have spent my career in an industry facing turbulent times, planning and implementing change processes in a most challenging environment involving hundreds of people. I’m a true believer in the positive change that energizes the organization and individual, and I know how negative change will do the reverse.

The most important issue in change processes is a true interactivity among all stakeholders. Everybody needs to get on board in the early phases of changes - from the very first definition of the vision. In change, people usually first see just the negative impact on themselves.

From my point of view, the crucial task is to get rid of the negative load and free up the positive ideas and energy for the benefit of business profitability and the work community’s welfare. I can provide tested and practical ways to get people involved and committed for positive and energized change processes. I love to work with people from top management down to the shop floor both in Finnish and English. I also participated in the Helsinki School of Economics Executive Education (HSEEE) eMBA program in 2005 and 2006.

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