István  Kosztolányi

István Kosztolányi

Hungary, Hungarian


Managing Partner, shared leadership

istvan.kosztolanyi (at)

Upon completion of a consultancy training course at the Johns Hopkins University István started his career in organization development with non-profit organizations in 1994. As a trainer and consultant he found a job at Concordia in 1999 where he partic-ipated in several projects both in Hungary and abroad and has gained considerable professional experience in organization development. Furthermore, he was offered a position in the management team in 2002. He joined Infora Consulting Group (ICG) in 2006 and since then as a managing partner in Hungary he has been working in the field of organization development. He was the president of the Hungarian Organization Development Society from 2006 to 2010. He prefers long-term change management projects in which a wealth of organization development tools are utilized and genuine and measurable changes are achieved in organizational culture. His focus of attention is on organizations where people’s dignity is respected, he aims to strengthen such an approach as he strongly believes in a world of man’s humanity to man. He also believes that people can help each other to create such a world. Favourite hobbies: hiking, football, wild plants. He lives with his wife and four daughters in a country house with a beautiful large garden in Pomáz.

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