Juhana Lampinen

Juhana Lampinen

Austria, Finnish

German, English


Sales, internet marketing, leadership, innovation, change management

+43 660 279 9010
juhana.lampinen (at)

Compulsive hiring, wild spending, outdated sales strategy, not responding and adapting to change are the key factors to fail spectacularly. I help my clients to increase revenue and reduce cost and simultaneously improve employee and customer satisfaction. It can be done regardless of the size of the business, by continuos development of your whole business setup and way of working.

Juhana Lampinen has 15 years of experience in telecom, consumer sales, B to B sales, marketing, product management and consulting. He has been living in Austria, Finland and in the UK. Now Juhana lives in Vienna in Austria and is available for international assignments anywhere in the world.

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