Antti Hellström

Antti Hellström

Finland, Finnish

Managing Partner, shared leadership

Team, leadership

+358 50 516 0307
antti.hellstrom (at)

My special areas as a trainer and coach are team leadership, team developement and change processes. I am the member of the Innotiimi Tiimiteam.

I am also very deep in Jung\'s theory considering the humans\' differences. The Natural tendency analyse (NTA) is very interesting tool for every team member, team, manager and organization to make better results.

My backround is from hospitality industry and brand marketing organizations where I worked as a division director and a sales director. In the both duties I got experience of making change with big number of people.

I believe that the the importancy of the stuff\'s skills will be bigger and bigger for every company in the future. Only a great leader can get the best out of her/his stuff.

Why don\'t you make a gap with your competitors by your leadership skills? Let\'s do it together!

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